The Google Map for the Aztec planned rydes can be found here

The maps can be viewed with any internet-connected device, but I recommend using a tablet or laptop computer for easier manipulation and viewing. I also recommend downloading the maps to your portable device in advance, so that if wireless connections are lost, you won't be.

On computers, the Legend will be in the left of the map. If it is closed, you may need to open it. There should be a button to click for displaying the legend. In the legend you can select which map to display. You can also, at the bottom, choose standard view or satellite view to see the terrain.

On tablets and smart phones, the legend may not be visible initially; how to display the legend varies by device.

PDFs for the 6 rydes can be found at each link below;

Please download and print these out for yourself if you need them, as I don't provide printed materials at the event.